They offered real estate loans to take over

An indictment has already been drawn up in this case and has now been sent to court. The group of defendants included a notary public, who was preparing notarial deeds as part of his activities. Everyone is responsible for committing several hundred crimes. Estimates show that the total amount of fraud was $ 23 million.

Quick loans, for an unforgettable First Communion!

First Communion is not something that all children want to do today, but, of course, it is still one of the most traditional events of our culture and also one of those that require the application of quick loans. There are more and more children who show no interest in this type of ceremony, but,

Is borrowing a payday loan safe?

Most people who use financial services on a daily basis, only through banks, are unlikely to approach the topic of loan companies such as popular payday loans companies. Why is this happening? Because most of us confuse payday companies with parabanks, considering them not safe and expensive to pay back. However, it turns out that

In 2019, the cost of loan insurance exceeds that of credit

Mortgage insurance exceeds that of credit score Thanks to the possibility of eliminating your real estate insurance each year, right granted by the Bourquin amendment, the cost of this insurance plan required by the lenders provides slightly decreased. Also, because of competition between bancassurance businesses and independent insurance companies, the particular rates have been reduced.

Interest on real estate loans

Interest rates on real estate loans remain at historical lows Business News Interest rates on real estate loans are still at historic lows. According to the Association of German Credit Institutions in Berlin, the average interest rate for ten-year fixed-interest loans in 2017 was around 1.4 per cent. The average interest rate currently stands at

Cash loan ranking – August 2018

August 1, 2018 A cash loan is a serious financial liability. No wonder that customers are looking for the most attractive offers. How to find them The ranking of cash loans will definitely help. All the most important information was collected in one place especially for the convenience of the customer. Which banks were rated

Reverse mortgage versus reverse mortgage

March 28, 2018 On October 23, 2014, the Sejm adopted the Reverse Mortgage Act. Pursuant to the regulations, the borrower in exchange for the transfer of property rights to the bank can count on a lifetime annuity. There is 5 million pensioners in Poland, of which 2.5 million owns real estate. Unfortunately, banks are passive

Ranking of payday loans – January 2018

    January 1, 2018 January is a period of increased spending. During this time, many people decide to implement the New Year’s, often costly decisions. Some also want to improve their home budget after December holiday shopping. However, when our wallet is empty, it is worth taking a quick loan. Ranking of payday loans