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In 2019, the cost of loan insurance exceeds that of credit

Mortgage insurance exceeds that of credit score

Loan insurance exceeds that of credit

Thanks to the possibility of eliminating your real estate insurance each year, right granted by the Bourquin amendment, the cost of this insurance plan required by the lenders provides slightly decreased. Also, because of competition between bancassurance businesses and independent insurance companies, the particular rates have been reduced. Nevertheless , as rates are still really low, the amount of interest on mortgage loans is generally lower than the amount of the contribution.

Reduce loan insurance rate within 2018, but less than rates of interest

Lower loan insurance rate in 2018, but less than interest rates

Although mortgage rates of interest have come down, and even experienced very small increases at the end of 2018, they remain at a really low level. Thus, according to lenders, the average interest rate is 1 ) 35% for a credit repayable over 15 years, plus 1 . 55% for a mortgage with a term of two decades. For 25-year credits, the typical rate is 1 . 75%.

Professionals within the real estate mortgage insurance marketplace also reduced their costs after the Sapin 2 regulation came into effect, which allows debtors to now replace their own insurance each year, with 8 weeks notice before the date wedding anniversary of subscription of the mortgage agreement.

To be able to gain customers, insurance companies provide advantageous financial conditions plus tailored guarantees. But , aid their customers, banks use significant haircuts. Although this particular downward trend is common, insurance costs more than the mortgage for many borrowers.

Increase in the cost of borrower insurance policy in 2019 due to the embrace taxation

Increase in the cost of borrower insurance in 2019 due to the increase in taxation

If rates of interest are expected to remain stable a minimum of until next summer, the quantity of insurance will increase due to the expansion of the special tax upon insurance agreements (TSCA). ), 9% tax now prolonged to all the guarantees of the loan insurance contract. Actually previously this tax failed to concern the death ensure, which was exempt. It is completed today.

This particular increase in taxation leads to a rise in the cost of insurance. Plus, depending on the profile of the covered, this increase can vary through 2 to 5 pounds per month.

Interest on real estate loans

Interest rates on real estate loans remain at historical lows

Interest rates on real estate loans remain at historical lows

Business News Interest rates on real estate loans are still at historic lows. According to the Association of German Credit Institutions in Berlin, the average interest rate for ten-year fixed-interest loans in 2017 was around 1.4 per cent. The average interest rate currently stands at 1.46 percentage points (as at 6 February).

To illustrate: In 2008, buyers still had to pay an average of 4.6 percentage points interest, in 2013 about 2.7 and more. In individual cases, however, interest rates can vary widely. Notes for borrowers: – Choose a term: Due to the low interest rate level, it is better to set a fixed interest period of at least ten years. If you want to plan particularly sustainable, you can also sign up for a fixed interest period of 15 or even 20 years.

  • Selecting installment payments: A high repayment rate – eg 3 percentage points instead of the usual 1 percentage point repayment – will repay the loan more quickly. This saves considerable costs over the entire useful life. It needs to be tuned beyond that. – Exceptionally good termination right: Irrespective of the agreed duration, real estate loans can be terminated after ten years.

This can be used by borrowers to have a more favorable interest rate for the remainder of the deadline.

Rise in interest rates on real estate loans

Rise in interest rates on real estate loans

Capital market interest rates rose sharply in the last few weeks of trading. In the eurozone, good economic data and somewhat higher inflation led to the expectation that the ECB could reverse the bond purchase program very soon. With fewer purchases from the central bank, the shortage on the bond market would be reduced, thus providing more return. If he implements his election program as planned, the inflation risk in the US will increase significantly.

As a result, the US Federal Reserve would have to raise interest rates more than previously thought. Experience shows that raising US interest rates will not have any impact on the euro area, so that interest rates in Germany should rise as well. For mortgage lending, too, the trend reversal on the bond markets should stimulate interest rates.

Building owners and property buyers should therefore not dwell too long on the still good conditions.

Cash loan ranking – August 2018

August 1, 2018 A cash loan is a serious financial liability. No wonder that customers are looking for the most attractive offers. How to find them The ranking of cash loans will definitely help. All the most important information was collected in one place especially for the convenience of the customer. Which banks were rated best in August?

Outbank, Mobile Sumagi Bank and GTO BP – podium of the cash loans ranking

Outbank, Mobile Sumagi Bank and GTO BP - podium of the cash loans ranking

Good cash loan? Preferably in Outbank, Mobile Sumagi Bank or GTO BP. This is the result of the cash loan ranking for August 2018. Customers indicated the offers of these three institutions as the most advantageous and convenient.
You can take a cash loan at Outbank:

  • for up to 50 thousand zł,
  • for a loan period of up to 72 months.

Outbank came first in because customers appreciate the huge cost minimization proposed by this proven lender. I am talking about the 3×0 PLN offer, which is extremely attractive conditions proposed by Outbank:

  • commission from PLN 0,
  • PLN 0 for early loan repayment,
  • PLN 0 – i.e. no additional costs – for formalities related to the conclusion of the contract.

The APRC (with insurance) of a cash loan at Outbank is 13.75 percent.

High amounts and good conditions at Mobile Sumagi and GTO

Cash loan through Mobile Sumagi Bank you can take:

  • for up to 200 thousand zł,
  • for a loan period of up to 10 years.

The cash loan at Mobile Sumagi Bank has an APRC of 16.93 percent. The offer stands out so. pocket installment, i.e. an installment that does not burden the borrower’s portfolio. The entire credit application process takes place entirely online – and the money can be transferred to the customer’s account the same day. All without leaving home.

You can take a cash loan at GTO BP:

  • for up to 120 thousand zł,
  • for a loan period of up to 96 months.

The “Mini Ratka” cash loan at GTO BO has an APR of 3.46%. The offer is distinguished by the possible withdrawal of cash even on the same day on which the application was submitted and the lack of fees for early repayment of the entire liability.

Salader Consumer Bank and Tiges Bank just behind the first three

Salader Consumer Bank and Tiges Bank just behind the first three

Salader Consumer Bank offers its clients two interesting suggestions: standard cash loan and master cash loan. Regular customers of Salader Consumer Bank can take a loan of up to 50,000 PLN, while new customers up to 35,000 zł. APRC cash loan 21.83 percent In Salader, over 10 million customers have already taken credit. Every fifth loan in Poland is granted by Salader Consumer Bank.

Tiges Bank, in turn, offers a loan of up to PLN 200,000. zł. The commitment can be made for up to 10 years. The installment in agreement with the bank is adjusted to the borrower’s financial capacity. The APRC of a cash loan is 19 percent.

To get a loan at Tiges Bank, all you need is:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • have creditworthiness and credibility.

Cash loan – quick money for large expenses

Cash loan - quick money for large expenses

Installment loan or cash loan? It all depends on your needs. Both products enjoy unflagging popularity. Both installment loans and cash loans can be obtained for really high amounts – those that will help, for example, to buy a flat and allow you not to take a standard mortgage.

To choose the right product, it’s worth not only analyzing your repayment options and the terms of the commitment. A responsible borrower always uses the current cash loan rankings or the current installment loan rankings (if he chooses to loan).

Comparisons should be reviewed even for small amounts – that is, even if someone is thinking only of a quick payday. The payday rankings are created especially for responsible people. For full knowledge – if anyone has never taken payday pay – you should also check what must be found on the website of the payday business. Responsible borrowing – for small and large amounts, it guarantees satisfaction and a positive credit history.

A cash loan is a financial product taken for many months or years. Therefore, the loan can not be too burdening the household budget. That is why it is so important to check the current ranking before making a cash loan decision. This will definitely help you avoid unfavorable offers.