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Rev. Ron Mateer: Pastor at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Martinsville, VA
   Rev. Ron Mateer


Pentecost 10

August 13, 2017

BIBLE SCHOOL – This text was likely written by Matthew in Antioch of Syria within in the eighth decade of the first century. The script faithfully repeats a story that was told decades earlier in the Mark’s gospel. The story is also found as penned in brief account, in the Gospel According to Saint John. It was written during a time when waves of stress and persecution were growing high for those early Christians. The reading gives credence why the second scene, which is not found in the other gospels, related the story of Peter’s watery walk. It was told to a church who had inherited the traditions and stories told by that great apostle. Matthew told his church of the startling and miraculous event wherein blessed Peter got out of the boat… and surprisingly walked on water in faith. But now consider the mind of the hearer! Even the one upon whom Jesus told he would build his church, soon found the watery tempest is a bit more than his faith could handle.

SCRIPTURE LESSON – MATTHEW 14: 22-33 - Visualizing the story: Close your eyes or stare off into some blank space and let the story live in you. You have joined the disciples on an after-dark sail across the lake. When you are ˝ mile off shore you see lightning strikes and hear distant thunder. As the wind gets too strong for the sail, it is lowered and oars are brought out for each one, including you. There is no panic, after all the ...

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